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You supply the power
and let the grandchild drive.

very eco logo is a new design in the Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) industry. Its robust comfortable design make this recumbent vehicle an ideal means of transport for all people, including those who would enjoy the exercise and freedom of cycling but find traditional bikes painful or uncomfortable to use.

Innovative, comfortable, speedy
Pedal powered, simple and safe to drive
Four wheels for stability, each wheel has mudguards
5-speed gearbox, including reverse!
Padded seat, adjustable to suit leg length
Provision for basket behind the seat
Suitable for all ages
Tough powder coated finish, range of colours available

740mm (29") wide, 1500mm (59") long, 4600mm (15ft) turning circle
Sprung sub frame under seat
Front disc brakes by assess
Coaster brake on rear
25kg, 55lbs